My Response To Today’s Compliance Audit Decision

When one considers all of the economic and social challenges we collectively face right now, I find it awfully hard to comment on the complainant or the process associated with this compliance audit and still remain on the high road.  Therefore, I shall respectfully take a pass.

I am pleased that this finding effectively created a precedent in our province; one that preserves free speech, permits the free exchange of ideas and provides a means by which lesser-known candidates can fairly compete with entrenched incumbents.

I am just saddened that it came at such a high price to London taxpayers.  While the full cost is not known, I conservatively estimate that London taxpayers will have shelled out in excess of $25,000 to find what amounts to a $700 accounting error.

As for my political future, I am considering opportunities at the federal, provincial and municipal level and am humbled by the inquiries.  To be honest, I am also very much enjoying my role at the University, and pleased to be contributing in a small way to our institution’s response to the pandemic.

However, I remain very concerned with government’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for debt financing, the troubling decline of our working class, the erosion of our small business, hospitality and retail sectors, and our continued assault on our own environment.  In the absence of some swift and steadfast leadership, we risk leaving our kids and grandkids with a dreadful legacy unimaginable just a few years ago.  As such, I shall continue to explore all prospects and likely pursue one that affords me an opportunity to best serve Londoners and help reverse these disturbing trends.

In the meantime, I continue to wish all of our current public leaders every success, and stand ready to assist if called upon.  I also wish all Londoners good health during these challenging times knowing that at some point soon we will emerge from this pandemic stronger as a city, a nation and a global community.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supported me through this rather lengthy process.  Your kind words and notes of support meant a great deal to me and my family.  We will always be grateful.

Stay well.